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Congratulations, Jeanne Neumann!


Margaret Bluhm Worker of the Year 2016  

Photo of past and present Margaret Bluhm Worker of the Year Award recipients from left to right:  Dr. L. Penny Rosenblum, Deb Duby, Jeanne Neumann (holding her award plaque), Jenny Wheeler, Sandra Stirnweis, Tamara Bishop-Amavilah, and kneeling in front, Ed Gervasoni.


Congratulations to Vicky Numkena, AZ AER winner of the Mary Jo Martinez Outstanding Professional Award! 




This award is inspired by the life and work of Mary Jo Martinez, an Early Interventionist, Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments and Orientation and Mobility Specialist who passed away in 2015, but left behind a legacy that includes her work with Native American infants/families, students and adults, in particular, the Navajo students.


Ms. Numkena is a Teacher of Students with Visual Impairment currently working in Northern Arizona with school age children on the Native American reservations.  She has been a Teacher of the Visually Impaired for over two decades (and has served children of all ages during this time, from preschool to high school. 




Congratulations to Jennifer Wheeler!

Margaret Bluhm Worker of the Year 2015

Becky Hole holds her plaque surrounded by former Margaret Bluhm Award recipients.

Congratulations to Dr. Jane Erin:
APH Hall of Fame Wall of Tribute Stone!

From left to right: Dr. Penny Rosenblum, Dr. Jane Erin, Dr. Irene Topor and Pam de Steiger, University of Arizonia

Margaret Bluhm Worker of the Year 2014


Becky Hole holds her plaque surrounded by former Margaret Bluhm Award recipients.

Back Row: Patty Arnold (2011), Rajiv Pannikar (2013), Susan Greer (2012), Penny Rosenblum (2005), Tamara Bishop-Amavilah (1998), Sandra Stirnweis (1986)

Front Row: Becky Hole (2014), Irene Topor, Jay Taska (1987)


Congratulations to Rajiv Panikkar
"Margaret Bluhm Worker of the Year 2013"

"Margaret Bluhm Worker of Year 2012"

Susan Greer - Tucson, Arizona


Congratulations, Susan!!!


Past Recipients of the Margaret Bluhm Worker of the Year (taken November 2012)


Congratulations to Deb Duby and Kerry Duncan Margaret Bluhm Worker of the Year 2011.

Kerry Duncan, (l) and Deb Duby (r) this year's Margaret Bluhm Award winners presented with their award at the AZ AER Fall Conference, November, 2011


Past recipient of the Margaret Bluhm Award taken in November, 2011



2009 AZ AER Fall Conference, Sedona

Past recipients of the Bluhm Award

FBC Dream Team

Ed Gervasoni & Jacki Daniels



2007 Margaret Bluhm Award Photos


2008 International Conference in Chicago

Sandra Stirnweis was awarded the Newcomer-Hill Award at International AER in Chicago. This award is named after two past O&M Division Chairs, James Newcomer (1985-88) and Everett "Butch" Hill (1988-90). This award is given to individuals who emulate professional dedication and service to the O&M division.  Sandra is pictured here with James Newcomer.

FBC contingency DeEtte Snyder, Kartar Khalsa, Sandra Stirnweis, Ya-hui Chang

AZ contingency Marnie McCoy, Joan Van Denbos, Milo Borich, Kartar Khalsa, Jay Taska, Christy Morrison

Sandra at poster session

Penny at poster session








Penny receiving her award.


Penny Rosenblum with Jane, Irene & Pam

M.B. Awards

Jocelyn won a door prize!


2007 Margaret Bluhm Worker of the Year - Dorinda Rife

Congratulations to AZAER's 2007 Margaret Bluhm Worker of the Year

winner 2007

DORINDA RIFE who was nominated by UofA's
Vision Program


Some of Our Margaret Bluhm Winners


Penny Rosenblum (05), Joan Ellis (97), Dorinda Rife (07), Julie Urban (96), Tom Brew (91), Jane Erin (00), Ken Kalina (06), Kartar Khalsa (04), Patty Arnold (04),  Irene Topor (01)

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