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Meeting Minutes

(Fall Conference Day 1: Gold Canyon Resort)
November 8, 2007

Meeting called to order at 1:50 PM.

President's Report: (Venetia) National is going to send out postcards to remind members to renew. Those not on the AER listserv are encouraged to go to the website and/or email Penny Rosenblum. Save the date July 22-27, 2008 for Chicago International AER conference.  Opened the floor for community reports. None were raised. Grants are voted on per situation. Venetia recognized departing members Rob Schulenburg and Kerry Duncan.  

Vice President's Report: (Holly) Four consumer grants awarded: a total of $430. Three professional grants were awarded: a total of $1000.

Secretary's Report: (Mark) Encouraged membership to go paperless for newsletter if possible, and/or update email and physical addresses for newsletter. Encouraged membership to send items of interest for publication.

Treasurer's Report: (Dorinda on behalf of Karen) Checking about $3,032, $17,000 in savings. Dorinda addressed the amount in the savings account. We cannot go below what is required to run one year of AER Business. AERlift and consumer grants were discussed. $900 for fundraiser. We lost $105 due to the cancellation of the Spring workshop in April. This conference will take $3000-$4000 to cover. See attached report for more specific information. Karen will be happy to email reports to anyone who requests it. Julie Urban asked about using more of the money for the membership, and Dorinda addressed this possibility when we look at the budget in the near future. Julie asked that the mini-grant issue (money carried over from year to year) be discussed in the newsletter (MARK!)

Membership Report: (Kartar) There is a slightly different membership form to ensure greater confidentiality. AER will take a credit card. Kartar will mail credit card membership forms immediately. 164 members as of today. She has a current membership list and can address questions about membership status. She acknowledged that U of A has been actively recruiting graduate students to join AZ AER.

Fundraising Report: (Deb) Pushed the raffle tickets. She also encouraged the membership to purchase ($22.50) flash drives with the current AZ AER logo imprinted on them.  

Meeting adjourned at 2:10 PM

Respectfully submitted,
Mark Brady
AZ AER Secretary





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