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Meeting Minutes

AZ-AER Board Meeting
[May 11, 2007]

Meeting called to order at 3:15 P.M.
Present: Dorinda Rife, Mark Brady, Venetia Hayden, Holly Lawson,
By Phone: Mike Gordon, Jacki Daniels, Christine Power, Kerry Duncan, Karen Aron.  
Excused: Rob Schulenburg, Amy Murillo

President's Report: Dorinda – Discussed elections and mail ballot format, communication info for spring meeting, finalize venue and theme for fall conference. Because of cancellation of spring workshop, we were not able to have a meeting. We need to do mail ballots for elections. Dorinda requested bios for candidates to go with the mail-in ballots. Request to do a postcard format worked well – cost efficient and easy to fill out (although postcard costs are rising to 26 cents on Monday per Jacki). Karen will help with the postcard mailings; she needs an updated listing of 147 members and any new additions to the membership. What should have been covered at the cancelled meeting will go in the newsletter as a “letter meeting.” Holly will write on AERlift for the newsletter.

Vice President's Report: Venetia – Wants consumer grants to carry over/rollover year after year so grants can be issued for greater than $100 to students in need. We can change the bylaws to change this. The board members present agreed to this change. Venetia will write up a proposal to make this change in the bylaws. Venetia called ACVREP and the $125 will be applied to the Fall Conference since we did not have the spring conference.

Secretary's Report: Mark – No scholarship applications have been received, even with address updated on the website by Kartar. Karen questioned a H.S. junior submitting an application and the board approved this. Mike also recommended Karen contact him for other scholarship possibilities. Mark will meet with Kartar by late May, early June so she can hand over the newsletter to him.  

Treasurer's Report: Karen – took care of money issues related to the cancellation of the spring conference. All members were reimbursed. Mesa charged us only $105 for cancellation of the space. We need to see if airline tickets for speakers need to be taken care of as well. Still have $200 in professional grants. All scholarships are open still.  

Past President's Report: Jacki – Jacki needs Dorinda to email her for the ballot candidate bios.

New Business: Holly found out at AERlift that National is working to have all chapters post websites through the National server, but this is not official or final. We need to update meeting minutes and newsletters on the website. Holly suggested using Dream Weaver software as it is more accessible.

Fall conference: November 8 & 9 have been proposed so as not to overlap with testing. People want to stay where they were meeting, “vacation” type atmosphere/resort-like, reasonably priced (however the cheapest Dorinda has found for November in Phoenix is $179 per night). Karen suggested some other hotels and resorts and offered to research. Concern was finding a place in Phoenix where Phoenix folks would still be inclined to stay at the hotel/resort and not feel they had to go home. Jacki suggested Gold Canyon Resort which is just around Apache Junction and would be a good place to accommodate all attendees by allowing them to stay each day. Standard rooms are $125-299 (group rates??) A patio with a king bed is $105, 2 queen beds was $135, for November 8 & 9. Dorinda will contact. 1-800-624-6445. Theme: Keep theme the same from the Spring Conference, add a mobility thread in this conference, no “sales pitch”-type breakout sessions (save them for booths/tables). We will re-invite speakers lined up for the spring to speak at the fall conference instead. Autism, TBI, Deaf/blind…need to do a Call for Papers. We can get the word out to Nevada and New Mexico chapters or VI/O&M/RT’s as well to attend our conference.    

Meeting adjourned at 4:20 PM

Respectfully submitted,
Mark Brady
AZ AER Secretary





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