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Meeting Minutes

*AZAER Board Meeting*
(January 12, 2007)

Meeting called to order at 3:15 PM.
Present: Dorinda Rife, Venetia Hayden, Mark Brady, Mike Gordon, Rob Schulenburg, Holly Lawson
By Phone: Kerry Duncan, Christine Powers, Jacki Daniels
Excused: Amy Murillo, Karen Aron (Karen submitted Treasurer’s Report electronically ahead of time for board review)

President's Report:  Dates for AERLift in Washington, DC: April 13-15, 2007. Possible attendees: Mark, Holly, Kerry, Karen. Board will discuss further over time.

Vice President's Report: Kartar will run the professional grant and consumer grant again. Discussed $500 request from Cecilia Oneyikan for tuition assistance. The board unanimously voted to turn down Cecilia’s request. Mike brought up the fact that SAAVI (as well as AER) offers scholarships for higher ed. for students with visual impairments, and that this can be added to the website and/or newsletter to get the word out.  
Secretary's Report: Mark will be taking over the AZ AER Newsletter from Kartar when she finishes in May 2007. Mark and Kartar will meet to go over the procedures Mark will need to know to write and distribute the newsletters electronically and as “hard-copy.”

Treasurer's Report: Still have not been billed by Hon-Dah resort for the Fall conference. Dorinda has left two messages with them and is waiting to hear back. Karen needs to have the budget and close-out from last year turned into International by March 15, 2007, so it is very important that the board all read and approve Karen’s reports (we can communicate by email to expedite this so Karen can make the deadline).  

Past President's Report: No news or business to report.

Other Business: Fundraising (Kerry): Zip drives - 12 or 13 people were interested. We should order 50 and have them available at the Spring Conference. Christine suggested posting this info to the Listserv and Venetia suggested posting to the newsletter. Kerry suggested we need to put the order in first to make sure we have them in time for the conference and that they will be available before we post an advertisement.

Discussion: Website: Dorinda reported feedback from members is that we need to update the website. Holly Lawson has volunteered to help re-vamp the Website. Holly can tap into other individuals if she’d like to form a committee to help. Holly will look into either building onto the existing website or creating a brand new website.

New Business: Spring one-day conference. Timing of last year’s was very well received, so Dorinda suggested keeping the date practically the same. Mesa Public Schools will allow us to use their facility for free as long as we book in advance. Dorinda will book with Mesa. April 27, 2007 (Friday) is the proposed date. Proposed themes: multiple impairments, “travel day” (a “Day in the Life”) community access, Braille fundamentals/curriculum (could we get someone from Texas SBVI to speak? Deborah Sewell), topics of interest for adult service providers (to make sure we do not forget these professionals), early intervention: Vision in the Natural Environment Program from Utah (Kartar’s suggestion). Jacki: Independence and Mastery at all ages (too broad). Multiple impairments can include: mental illness, deaf-blindness, hearing impairment (crash course in survival signs for those professionals using beginning sign language with clients/students), autism, childhood through adult, mobility, motor impairment, TBI, cognitive delay, developmental delay. Upon completing discussion, the board voted that multiple impairments would be the theme for the one-day spring conference. Venetia will check with autism professionals, Holly will talk to Dr. Erin and Dr. MacFarland. We need to determine how many rooms we can get at the Mesa School District to determine the number of sessions. Non-members will pay $35 for the spring conference (voted unanimously by the Board). Travel Day could be the two-day fall conference (further discussion will take place). Multiple Abilities/Multiple Disabilities – Programming for the Consumer with Diverse Needs.

Meeting adjourned at 4:30 PM

Respectfully submitted,
Mark Brady
AZ AER Secretary









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