October 6, 2000

Meeting Called To Order

The meeting was called to order by President Sandra Stirnweis at  10:10A.M.

Committee Reports

Fundraising  Sandra Stirnweis - Sold lots of AZAER stuff in Denver.  People like all our stuff and they made over $300.00.  Please buy our hats left over to support our chapter.

Scholarships  Tami Levinson - Expressed thanks to the current scholarship committee and their time.  She encouraged the membership to volunteer to the committee this year.  Please email or call her, or 520-621-1223.

Membership Sandra Stirnweis - Reported that as of September 2000, our membership stands at about 180 members.  She has a goal of 200 and many new members signed up during the conference.  She recognized new members and welcomed them.

Newsletter Sandra Stirnweis - Continues to ask for newsletter submissions.

Legislation Sandra Stirnweis - Discussed the importance of support on HR 2870 the Medicare Vision Rehabilitation Coverage Act.  Please call, 1-800-999-1852 to support by November.  It is also important to contact your local senators to co-sponsor this bill.   Mcain and Kyle are our senators.


1.    2000-1 

Whereas the Rio Rico Staff has been friendly and, and the Rio Rico facilities beautiful,  

Therefore be it resolved that the Arizona Chapter of AER express our thanks and gratitude to the staff of Rio Rico.


It was moved and seconded, the resolution passed.


2.    2000-2

Whereas the 2000 program committee has put together an interesting and fun program,


Therefore be it resolved that the Arizona Chapter of AER congratulate the program committee for organizing an excellent conference.


It was moved and seconded, the resolution passed.


3.    2000-3

Whereas House Bill HR 2870 is currently being considered by congress

And whereas HR 2870 proposes Medicare coverage of vision rehabilitation services including orientation and mobility, rehabilitation teaching and low vision services that currently are not covered under Medicare

And whereas our organization represents the interests of consumers and professionals in the in the area of rehabilitation of individuals who are blind or visually impaired and

Whereas proposed federal legislation would provide Medicare funding for vision rehabilitation services in the same format and manner as occupational therapy and physical therapy are currently provided for individuals with other disabilities, and

Whereas additional funding and services are desperately needed in this area

Therefore be it resolved that

The Arizona Chapter of The Association for the Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired (Arizona AER) support HR 2870 by having our president immediately send a letter urging our state senators and representatives to co-sponsor HB 2870 and

Be it further resolved that

The Arizona AER encourage it’s members individually to contact their senators and representatives in support of HR 2870 as soon as possible.

It was so moved, seconded and the resolution passed.

By-Law Changes

There are no changes.

Division Reports

Sandra Stirnweis announced the division 9 would meet over lunch in the Sonoran room.


Sandra Stirnweis reminded attendees that only members of AZ AER may vote.  The final ballot read as follows:

President(2-year term)-Tony Johnson, Penny Rosenblum

Vice-President(2-year term)-Kathy Carlise

Treasurer(single 3-year term)-Ian Stewart

Directors at Large(2-year term)-Vasant Garcia, Daniel Gonzales, Susan Greer, Judith Schnieder

Student Representative-Dawn Godek

Final election results were:

President—Penny Rosenblum

Vice-President—Kathy Carlise

Treasury-Ian Stewart

Directors—Daniel Gonzales, Susan Greer, Vasant Garcia

Student Representative-Dawn Godek

Officer Recognition

While ballots were tabulated, Kartar announced that it was Sandra’s birthday and we all shared some birthday cake.  Barbara Miller recognized and honored Sandra on behalf of the membership of AZ AER for her years of work as editor of AERizona View.  Officers and Board members gave Sandra a thank you card  and gift! Sandra called continuing and outgoing officers and board members forward and recognized each with a gift of chocolate and a candle because they have been lights in her life.

Old Business

There was no old business.

New Business

There was no new business.


·    Penny Rosenblum announced that the University of Arizona is training 23 people Braille in the year of 2001 January thru December.  Please let her know if you have a spare Braille writer to lend the University. 

·    Jane Erin announced that the University has several teacher training grants, rehabilitation teacher prep, O&M, summer O&M in Flagstaff, teaching visually impaired on campus, Phoenix location, Las Vegas program and doctoral students.  Total students around 70!  Thank you to our AZ community for supporting, teaching, facilitating and working in the field.  She and the University appreciates all that you do.

·    Sandra Stirnweis announced that new and outgoing officers and board members would meet for boxed lunch in the Sierra Madre room at 11:45 AM.


It was moved and seconded that the meeting be adjourned. The meeting was adjourned at 10:45 A.M.

Respectfully Submitted,

Tami Sue Levinson

AZ AER Secretary