October 5, 2000

Meeting Called To Order

The meeting was called to order by President, Sandra Stirnweis at 11:15 A.M. at the Rio Rico Resort in Rio Rico, AZ.

Adoption of Agenda

There were no changes to the agenda.

Approval of Minutes

It was moved and seconded that the minutes of the May 5, 2000 General Meeting be adopted as written. The motion passed.

President’s Report

Sandra Stirnweis encouraged the membership to nominate someone for president.  This is her second term so she is done and wants a great replacement.  If problems with any conference related issue please go see her.  She also added to not walk barefoot outside because of the “Velcro” bugs.

Vice President’s Report

There was no Vice President report.

Past President’s Report

Patty Arnold stated she has some nominees for elections tomorrow.  Running for Vice President, Kathy Carlise, Treasurer, Ian Stewart, Board, Vasant Garcia and Susan Greer, Daniel Gonzales, Judith Schnieder, and Student Representative Dawn Godek.  If you have any resolutions please give them to her or Gail Irons (roommate) by 6PM tonight.

Tami Levinson moved that we “potentially” set aside the bylaws to re-elect Sandra if no nominations are received by 5PM.  It was seconded.  The discussion included a thanks from Sandra Stirnweis  for the potential nomination.  Please consider being nominated whether you’ve been on the board or not.  There was a motion to table the question about the bylaws and hold an emergency meeting at the end of the 2nd general session to pass or drop the bypass of by laws motion.  It was seconded and passed.

*the emergency meeting at 5PM yielded two nominations for president, Tony Johnson and Penny Rosenblum so the motion was dropped.

Secretary’s Report

Tami Levinson welcomed all the new members to AZAER and encouraged all members to submit address changes so that she can update the current mailing label list.  University students who are volunteering as monitors please come and sign up for Friday times.

Treasurer’s Report

Ian Stewart stated that he is the acting treasurer since Brenda Jager has moved to Alaska.  He reported a current balance in  the Money Market Savings Account as $9,880.77 and a Checking Account balance of $2,546.79. He stated that these figures do not include this year’s annual conference figures fees and credits. He will deposit conference checks on Monday and needs to write a check for the conference.  AZAER has $24,087 in rebates so far with one more check to come.  This is a reflection of our membership numbers and is more than projected.  We made $70 on the May, one day conference, earned $40.40 in interest this year, Sandra Stirnweis earned $393.00 at the International AER Conference in Denver.  Our expenses were well within our projected numbers.  We spent a little bit more on postage so we will need to adjust more for next year.


·       Milo Borich stated that the South West Blind Rehabilitation Center at the VA in Tucson has a new director, Ron Arnolt. 

·       Penny Rosenblum stated that the AZAER listserv is up and running.  Please see her to sign up so you can get connected, share ideas and disseminate AER information.  It was moved, seconded and passed that she will add everyone to the listserv unless they indicate otherwise to her.

·       Penny Rosenblum also stated that University of Arizona is offering three courses in May and June 2001.  There is a yellow sheet with information in your goody bag.  First class is Advanced Low Vision May 14th-31st at the University of Arizona, Instructor is Irene Topor.  The second class is Introduction to Deafblindness June 4-22 at Arizona State University and University of Arizona, Instructor is Penny Rosenblum.  The third class is Orientation and Mobility for Teachers June 4-22 at the University of Arizona, Instructor, Jane Erin.  Please encourage general education teachers, paraprofessionals, parents, and anyone else to attend the classes this summer.  Another class with Dr. Topor, correspondence course for 1 credit, flyer on poster session table.

·       Rob Schulenburg announced that goal ball is up and going in Tucson.  It is the only team contact sport for people who are blind or visually impaired in AZ.   There is a poster session to explain what goal ball is and to join up.  Spencer Peterson, goal ball coach for University of Arizona he announced they are a nationally recognized team this year took 2nd place.   In the process of developing a women’s team.  They do a lot of travel going to Mexico, Canada and US states.  Approximately 3-4 men’s and women’s teams in AZ.  He and Rob would like to develop statewide goal ball program.

·       The Foundation for Blind Children is offering a Margaret Blume Seminar on Saturday, November 11, 2000.  Dr. Craig Hoyt and Dr. Nancy Atkinson will be speakers. They are offered free of charge to parents and vision professionals.  Please register for attendance.

·       Make sure you bring your banquet ticket to the luncheon to signify the type of meal you will be eating or you might end up with vegetarian.

Meeting adjourned at 11:41AM


Respectfully Submitted,


Tami Sue Levinson

AZ AER Secretary

Minutes for October 6, 2000 Meeting