AZAER Board Meeting

Friday, December 10, 2004

Conference call

Call to Order     3:15 PM

-        Present: Dorinda Rife, Jacki Daniels, Christine Powers, Karen Aron, Elaine Baldridge, Kerry Duncan, Kartar Kaur Khalsa, Amy Murillo, & Rob Schulenburg

-        Excused: Venetia Hayden & Fernando Tarazon

Presidentís Report (Dorinda)

-        Dorinda will compile the answers to the Board Information questionnaire so that the board members can see what each envisions for AZAER

Vice Presidentís Report ( Venetia )


Past Presidentís Report (Jacki)

          See Other Business below

Secretaryís Report (Christine)


Treasurerís Report (Karen)

-        confirmed that all board members received email of budget

-        board members please vote to approve budget via email by January 1st     

-        2004 revenues $15,019; expenses $13,000

-        currently balances Ė checking account $7600

-         money market      $9341

-        Jacki reminded the board that since the 2005 conference will be combined with VRATE, AZAER won't be receiving the typical $3000 from vendors, so expenses will have to be covered in other ways

          -        VRATE may pay for our reception

          -        money can be taken from the $10,000 cushion

-        it was suggested that maybe some of this money could be used to create a Professional Preparation Scholarship, and scholarships to cover the cost of conference registration for those who don't have their expenses covered by their agency

Newsletter (Kartar)

-        the next newsletter will be going out in late January  or  early February, depending on when the schedule for the Spring Conference is ready

-        would also like to include AZOOM workshop information if it isn't too late

-        The scholarship application will be included

Other Business:

        April 22, 2005 Conference

o       Two Speakers?

        So far only Amanda Hall Lucas is scheduled to speak on "Low Vision & Literacy in Academic Students"

        Other possibilities:

        Ian Stewart has an O&M/low vision Power Point presentation

        Joann McDonald from the VA does low vision with the UofA students

        Email other ideas to Dorinda

o       Who is doing what?

        Dorinda will email a proposed schedule to board

        charge for possible catered lunch

        Dorinda and Venetia will prepare registration and schedule and forward to Kartar for the newsletter


        October, 2005 Conference

o       Location update (Jacki)

        Since the AZAER 2005 Conference will take place in combination with VRATE it will take place at the   Civic Plaza with accommodations in a nearby hotel

        Possibly O&M pros. And UofA students can assist with orientation between the sites

-        Jacki is still waiting for the Civic Plaza to get her      quotes on costs of breakout rooms

-        Possible dates: September 30, October 14 or November 18 (November 18 most likely)

-        Jacki spoke with 2004 vendors and so does not feel that they need to be notified

o       Call for Papers; timeline

        call for papers goes out in the May newsletter, with a deadline of late June or early July

        need to consider an early intervention speaker

        possibly a topic on the needs of returning Vets from Iraq and Afghanistan


        AZOOM Update (Dorinda)

o       A Traffic Engineering group will be speaking

o       February 4th;

o       the price will be the same

o       it will be posted on the website and fliers go out soon


New Business:

        Website Issues:

o       Potential Historian/Picture Taker position

        Rob volunteered

        Suggested possible domain

o       Updated Minutes (Can someone post?)

        Penny still does the posting

o       Update with International (How is that done?)

- there is a lot of outdated info

        Communicating with the Membership: Ideas Forum

o       Telephone Campaign? (tabled)

o       Questionnaire? (tabled)

o       Website survey? (tabled)

        Future Meetings(s): face to face?

o       Next meeting will be on January 25th, at 2:00 , at FBC

Meeting Adjourned:  4:16 PM

          Respectfully submitted

          Christine Powers, Secretary