AZAER Board Meeting

January 25, 2005

Foundation for Blind Children

Conference Room


||Meeting called to order at 2:50 PM


Present:          Dorinda Rife, Jacki Daniels, Kartar Kaur Khalsa, Kerry Duncan, Christine Powers, Venetia Hayden, Karen Aron, Elane Baldridge, Amy Murillo (by phone)

Excused:         Rob Schulenburg & Fernando Tarazon


President's Report

   -        (See comments below)


Vice President's Report

            - Fall Conference: instructors from the VA may be presenting


   -        Professional Mini-Grant- Jacki will be presenting in London and has requested a $300 mini-grant to help with expenses

   -        motion by Venetia to give her $500 (leaving $100 in the fund)

   -        2nd by Elane;

   -        motion passed

   -        Jacki will write an article for the newsletter and present in November


Secretary's Report

   -        meeting minutes can be found on the AZAER website


Treasurer's Report

   -        the budget was approved by the Board


   -        Karen suggested that the AZAER account be moved to Bank of America

   -        Wells Fargo has started charging $9 for each returned check

   -        BofA has accessible online banking

   -        Jacki suggested that Karen also check on 6-month CD accounts at BofA


Past President's Report

   -        None


Old Business:


            -  newsletter is complete, just waiting for spring conference details



            -  membership is up to 143

            -  Kartar volunteered to write letters to agency directors and board presidents encouraging them to support their employees in joining AER and attending conferences


New Business:

            Spring Conference

-  "An AERizona LNNk At Low Vision", April 22nd, @ the FBC

            -  keynote speaker &presenter Bryan Gerritsen CLVT

            - $10 for members, $25 for nonmembers

- $100 honorarium for Bryan Gerritsen & Amanda Hall Lueck because they are from         out-of-state

- only $200 in budget for spring conference, so board will have to allocate funds for airline tickets and hotel (unless members volunteer to host a visiting speaker)

- sessions can be recorded; Elaine can arrange of AV equipment ahead of time, but will need assistance the day of the conference

            - ACRVEP procedures and prices have changed: Kartarwill call for clarification

- misc. conference planning details covered: registration form, speaker handouts and AV equipment, room sizes, beverages and snacks, fund raising

- Fund Raisers: we are out of items to sell, except for lanyards; pens were popular; Jay Taska would be the man to talk to about T-shirts; Kerry will contact Jay and  make an order form for polo &/or denim logo shirts

            - Christine will provide braill agendas

            - AZAER Board will meet after conference


            Fall Conference

            - November 17th & 18th, Phoenix Civic Plaza

            - Jacki request $290 for deposit

- Nov. 17th, Yuma rooms for general session and banquet; food will have to be catered,     reception will be at the hotel and probably  sponsored by the exhibitors

            - Hotel: Ramada Inn; 3 blocks from the Civic Plaza ; $79/night

            - transportation possibilities between Ramada Inn and conference;

                        - hotel shuttle for a fee

                        - VRATE may provide transportation

                        - O&M instructors can organize a group walk

- Nov. 18th: VRATE exhibit hall will be open; AZAER sessions in the Flagstaff rooms     (adjacent to Exhibit Hall A

            - breakfast  meetings will be at the Civic Plaza

            - VRATE will have an ophthalmologist as a speaker

- room rentals at the Civic Plaza will basicly be free since food costs will be over $2500   


Meeting adjourned at 4:25 PM


Respectfully submitted,


Christine Powers, Secretary