Arizona AER Annual Meeting – Part 2

Friday, November 18, 2005

Phoenix Civic Plaza

Meeting Called to Order at 8:45 AM

Resolutions Director, Elaine Baldridge

-                     Venetia Hayden resolves that after 1 year of service, board members should not have to pay conference registration fees.

-                     Discussion:

o       Jay Taska – “I would like to amend the resolution to say that ‘if there is an AZAER member who is presenting, they do not have to pay. We pay for out-of-state presenters, so we should give locals a break.”


1.      Whereas active officers of the AZ AER board that have served for 1 year or longer, be it resolved that these officers have the conference registration fees waived during their term. (2005-1)

2.      Whereas active AZ AER members in good standing that present at an AZAER conference, be it therefore resolved that presenters have the conference registration fees waived for the AZ AER conference at which they are presenting. (2005-2)   


Amy Murillo

I move that AZAER re-establish the legislative committee which will develop a mechanism for disseminating, and advocating for legislative issues related to blindness and visual impairment.

·        Discussion:

·        Interested members: Amy Murillo, Elaine Baldridge, and Pamela Ripley

·        Amy may be the Chairperson of the committee initially, or she can act as the committee’s adjunct to the board

·        Information can most effectively be disseminated via the listserv

·        Amy will write a piece for the newsletter

·        Penny can put instructions on the listserv on how to use the listserv more effectively

Elections – Director, Elaine Baldridge

-                     Elections could not take place as there were not enough members present to make up a quorum of the membership (most likely due to the VRATE exhibits)

-                     However, Mark Brady and Karen Aron were voted in as Secretary and Treasurer respectively, as they were running unopposed

-                     Elections will take place via numbered ballots sent to each member in the mail ASAP

Thank You's – Elaine Baldridge

-                     Thank you to Dorinda Rife and Venetia Hayden for putting so much hard work into pulling this conference together

-                     Thank you also to Jacky Daniels for doing the initial planning for this conference

President’s Report – Dorinda Rife

-                     None at this time

Vice President’s Report Venetia Hayden

-                     The Talking Book Division wants to remind all TVIs to enroll their students in their free library service

-                     If you know any parents who are interested in joining NAPVI, have them contact Venetia

-                     Board recognition

Community Member Award Venetia Hayden

-           Nominations will be taken at the spring conference

Spring Workshop & Meeting Venetia Hayden

-                     Friday, April 28, 2006

-                     Possibly on the ASDB campus

-                     Discussion? None

Fall Annual Conference Venetia Hayden

-                     Possible location: Hon-dah Resort and Casino, in the White Mountains

-                     Rooms would be $69; 30 rooms can be blocked the night prior to the conference; 60 the night of the conference and the following night; 6 rooms are accessible, 2 can be reserved (more if needed)

-                     Discussion?

o       If the purpose of paring the AER conference with VRATE was to save vendors from needing to come to AZ two months in a row, we could have the fall conference on a Wednesday and Thursday, and still have VRATE on Friday (Penny Rosenblume)

o       Holding the 2 day conference outside of a metro area allows for more networking and socializing among attendees (Jay Taska)

o       If the conference is held in a casino, meeting rooms need to be nonsmoking ( Patty Arnold )

o       What if the 2-day conference was held in spring and the 1-day workshop/meeting was held in fall in conjunction with VRATE? ( Jane Erin )

§         Would need to schedule around spring breaks and testing schedules

§         A show of hands determined that the majority of meeting attendees felt that a reversal of 1-&-2-day conferences was a good idea (NOT A BINDING VOTE OF RESOLUTION- NO MOTION AND NO QUORUM TO CARRY THE VOTE)

§         Vendors would be more available (Elaine Baldridge)

§         This will have to be a Board decision


-                     Within the year, due to funding, JVIB will only be available for free online; you will have to pay extra to receive a print copy.  Also, ReView and AER Report will be combined, and may have a new title. ( Jane Erin )

-                     If you need a copy of Troy LaPlante’s tutorial, from the Digital Portfolio session, Venetia will make copies. You can email her at .

-                     There are 2 more slots available in the TVI program being offered in Phoenix , for teachers in districts where there is a need for a TVI. (Penny Rosenblume)

-                     There are a couple of full-time, on-campus spaces available for the TVI program. ( Jane Erin )

-                     Advanced Low Vision course with Irene Topor is starting soon. You can contact her at .

Meeting Adjourned at 9:33 AM


            Respectfully submitted,

            Christine Powers, Secretary

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