Arizona AER Annual Meeting – Part 1

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Phoenix Civic Plaza


Meeting Called to Order at 2-25 PM

Legislative Update - Director, Amy Murillo

-           IDEIA 2004 Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act  (went into law on July 1, 2005 )

o       Federally funded program to create a repository for accessible materials and textbooks, which states can either join or opt out of

o       Still a question of how students will receive accessible materials in a “timely” manner

o       “Highly qualified” what exactly does it mean, and to whom does it apply?

-           RSA -- Consolidation on the federal level

o       Eliminating jobs

o       Eliminating areas of specialization

o       Questions remain regarding training

-           Work Force Enforcement Act – did not pass

o        Was an initiative to consolidate 9 job training programs and allow the governor to decide how this program should work

-           Randolf Shepherd Act

o       Looked into how the Enterprise program and Industries for the Blind are being operated

-           Social Security -- privatization

o       How will this affect SSI and SSDI criteria?

o       Welfare programs will probably be cut, such as Medicaid and Food Stamps

-           Telecommunications Act –

o       AFB advocating for “accessibility” language to be included

-           Transportation Reauthorization Act

o       Initiative to include a section for a study of the needs of people with visual impairments

-           Help America Vote Act – accessible voting

o       There is no money behind this act

-           Would anyone be interested in becoming active in the area of legislation at the local, state or national level?

o       Can communicate through the AZAER or AER listserv

Resolutions from the Floor – Director, Elaine Baldridge

-           None at this time

Secretary’s Report – Christine Powers

-           Review of minutes from October, 2004 meeting

Treasurer’s Report – Karen Aron

-           The board elected to stretch the budget this year.

o       We were able to send President and VP to AER LIFT in Washington D.C.

o       We awarded 2 scholarships instead of one

o       $600.00 in professional grant money was awarded

-           We had a revenue of about $1000 from the spring conference to help offset costs for these expenses.

-           We have double the interest back from our money market than expected at $111.64, that's $50 up from past years!

-           $2100 from rebates

-           Still have $200 for Consumer Grants

-           Money Market: $11,146.90

-           Checking: $3,379.49

-           We hold a line item from AZ OOM for $1,024.92

Committee Reports

Scholarship – Christine Powers

-           Announcement of 2005 scholarship recipients – (announced at banquet)

o       2 awards given this year

§         Sidney Freedman: a freshman attending St. Olaf College , in Northfield , Minnesota  

§         Paul Ruffner: a freshman attending American University , in Washington DC

Membership – Director, Kartar Kaur Khalsa

-           143 members & 1 corporate member

Newsletter – Director, Kartar Kaur Khalsa

-                     About half of the membership is receiving the newsletter online

-                     If you would like to receive your newsletter online, sign up via the clipboard that is being circulated

-                     If you have a change of address, please let the national office know

Fundraising – Director, Kerry Duncan

-                     This year there are 3 raffles: 2 hand quilted holiday table runners, and a signed watercolor; tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5

-                     Next conference there will be pens, insulated lunch bags and T-shirts

Nominations for 2005-2006 Board – Director, Elaine Baldridge

-                     The Secretary, Treasurer and 3 Directors-at-large are rotating off the board

o       Nominations:

§         Secretary – Mark Brady

§         Treasurer – Karen Aron

§         Directors – Michael Gordon (from SAAVI), Holly Lawson (a Doctorate student from UofA), Christine Powers (ASDB/NCR Coop), Judith Schnider ( Tucson ), & Leanne Taylor (ACBVI)

Housekeeping – President, Dorinda Rife

-                     In the future, attendees are asked to get their registration forms in by the deadline

-                     If you want to be on the AZAER listserv, contact Penny Rosenblume

-                     See Venetia (VP) for ACVREP and CEU credits

-                     Transportation issues between the Civic Plaza and the Ramada Inn, see Rob Schulenburg

-                     Please turn in evaluations for the Keynote Speaker

-                     Reception will be at the hotel from 5-7; drawings for the vendor door prizes will take place there

-                     Breakfast and division meetings will be at the Civic Plaza at 7:30

Meeting Adjourned at 3:15 PM

            Respectfully submitted,

            Christine Powers, Secretary

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