AZAER Board Meeting

April 22, 2005


||Meeting called to order at 3:10 PM

Present:     Dorinda Rife, Jacki Daniels, Kartar Kaur Khalsa , Kerry Duncan , Christine Powers, Venetia Hayden, Karen Aron , & Rob Schulenburg

Excused:   Elane Baldridge

President’s Report:

·        Dorinda & Venetia will write an article on AER Lift for the newsletter

Vice President’s Report:

-          none

Past President’s Report:

-          for the fall conference, food is still coming out to $63/person, so we should still charge $65 for members, $130 for nonmembers, and $40 for students

Treasurer’s Report:

-          Karen has the info needed to send membership funds to NAPVI

Secretary’s Report:

-          will need to form a “scholarship committee”

-          a rating scale will help rank applicants (should anyone apply)

Old Business:

-            positive comments regarding spring conference:

o        good conference

o        members appreciated  having sessions on adult oriented topics

-            negative comments:

o        facility too warm

o        members didn’t like having to move their own chairs

Membership Committee:

·         148 members!

New Business:.

·         Treasurer: we may need to raise the budget for this conference; although it did pay off to bring speakers in from out-of-state

·         Maybe in-state speakers could bring their own AV equipment, due to the high cost of renting

·         Presenters often do not have or can not afford their own AV equipment

·         We don’t want to discourage potential presenters by requiring this

·         How should this be stated on the call for papers? Kartar has a template for the form and would appreciate input from the board

-            Fall conference

-  suggested topics

o        Optic hyperplacia: Dorinda will call Mark Carter

o        Quick-Tac – Ken Kolina

o        CVI – Julie Urvin

-            Fund raising

o        pens are popular

o        shirts: can ask on applications “If shirts were available, would you buy one? If so, what size would you order?”

o        Rainy Castle at FBC orders T-shirts

o        Jay Taska has the silk screen

-            What should AZAER be?

o        is there a legislative committee?

o        Should AER offer continuing education?

o        Dorinda will put together a framework of how AZAER can better serve their members

-            Jacki will email a list of changes to the policies to the board members; board can vote via email

  -         2006 conference

-  possible location: Hon-Dah Casino

-  Rob and Karen will look in to cancelation dates, cost of blocks of rooms etc.

-  there is a bus from the Phoenix airport to the hotel

-  what about inviting VI professionals from Utah , New Mexico &/or Southern Cal ?

  -      Next meeting: 8/5/05

Meeting adjourned at  4:10 PM


Respectfully submitted,

            Christine Powers, Secretary