Arizona AER Fall Conference

AZAER Fall 2015 Conference Flyer

November 5 and 6, 2015

Westward Look Resort, Tucson, AZ

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Dear AZAER Members and Friends:


Many current AZ AER board members attended the American Foundation for the Blind Leadership Conference in Phoenix in April 2015. In the early morning on the last day of the conference, AFB leadership held a memorial service scheduled to honor and remember vision professionals who had passed away during the year. This is a practice we would like to emulate for our AZ AER chapter. 

This past year, we have at least two professionals who have passed away, and who we would like to honor on Friday, November 6 in a brief memorial

service starting at 7 a.m at our fall conference at the Westward Look in Tucson.  Friends and colleagues of Mary Jo Martinez and Jill Freedman and anyone else in the vision field we may have missed are welcome to prepare a statement, show photographs and/or share memories.  The service will be opened by Dr. Jane Erin.

On November 8, 2013 AZ AER members voted to include a roll call at each

annual meeting to commemorate deceased AZ AER members. A memorial

committee was created for this purpose. Here is the Resolution wording:


Whereas in any given year a valued member of AZ AER may pass away


Whereas each year the AZ AER membership gathers at an annual


Therefore be it resolved that at each annual conference a roll call is done

and after each name announced the members will respond “here” to

acknowledge the contributions the individual (s) have made to our

profession in Arizona.


Your 2015 Fall Conference AZ AER Board Members: Tamara Bishop-

Amavilah, Diane Shifflett, Anna Miller, Jennifer Wheeler, Rajiv Panikkar,

Sunggye Hong, Christine Moreno, Joanne Szabo, Ruth Parsons, Becky Hole and Jean Green!